About me

About me
Hello! My name is Roman Osypenko. I am an independent designer. I like many different directions related to the development of digital products and digital art. The main direction of my work is the development of promotional sites.
I passionately love what I do. First of all, because the digital sphere is still very young and it is developing very rapidly, so there are always discoveries in it. It is very interesting and exciting to develop together with this sphere and to make your own discoveries.

And it is also very inspiring that digital spaces are just emerging and now there is an opportunity to be an architect in this digital environment.
Information that transformed me
Here I want to mention only the information that impressed and eventually influenced me the most, concerning my professional growth. I'm not mentioning here my entire knowledge backround that I've gained in all my time, but only what has inspired and changed me a lot, as well as gave the final understanding of what drives me the most, which eventually helped to shape my path.

Courses / lectures

- “The Alchemy of Cinema 4D” course from Method Education C4D42;
- A two-day workshop on Design Line with Sergei Gurov, as well as all the lectures by Sergei Gurov;
- Jobs To Be Done framework;
- About 30 courses on design and related spheres at Bang Bang Education;
- About 20 lectures on design and related spheres from Projector School;
- “Promotional Website Designer” course from Red Collar.


- Alan Cooper "About Face: the Essentials of Interface Design”;
- Vasily Lebedev "CRAFT";
- Heinrich Altshuller "Finding an Idea. An Introduction to TRIZ”;
- Sergey Faer "Troubleshooting. How to solve unsolvable problems by looking at the problem from the other side";
- Vadim Mityakin " The Method of the Paranoiac”;
- Maxim Ilyakhov, Lyudmila Sarycheva "Write, Shorten. How to Create a Strong Text."
Emil Ruder "Typography”;
- Vladimir Laptev "Modular Grids. Designing multiband publications";
- Vladimir Laptev "Typography. Order and Chaos".
Software in which I work:
- Figma;
- Sketch;
- Affinity Photo, Designer;
- Photoshop;
- Illustrator;
- After Effects;
- Principle;
- Hype;
- Cinema 4D;
- Arnold Renderer;
- Houdini (entry level);
- Final Cut Pro;
- Wacom graphics tablet (entry level).
I want to study these directions in more detail in the near future:
- Three JS;
- WebGL;
- JavaScript;
- Webflow;
- After Effects;
- Houdini;
- FontLab or Glyphs;
- Copywriting;
- AR/VR.